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  • Experience in projects development and information systems implementation from scratch in Java (final project) and C# (final project in software engineering class) and GUI development in  Swing and WinForms.

  • Knowledge and experience in Visual Basic, Assembly, C and C++.

  • Knowledge and experience in design patterns, OOP, UML and also in Computer Design and OS.

  • A great deal of knowledge and knowledge and experience in building and managing databases in Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

Skills in CS and IT


Video Games Design and Development, Tiltan College of Design.

Unity Certified Developer.

Game Production course at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

PL/SQL in Oracle Database 11g course in Haifa University.

2013 - 2016
Additional Qualifications
2009 - 2012

B.Sc in computer science and information systems, Haifa University. Average: 83

  • Attended the seminar for exceptional students.

2015 - 2016
Software Engineer, ExtremIO (Dell-EMC2)
  • A part of a specialized team of R&D that handles improving the development methods and product stability.

  • Work experience with Jenkins and Coverity and programming in C, Python and Groovy.

Game Tester, Black Shell Media

  • Bug finder for early access and newly released games.

  • Also gives input for game design and UX.

Unity Developer, InceptionVR
  • Scene building and script programming for VR apps for GearVR and Oculus Rift. (freelance job)

Unity Developer, Simultrader
  • The sole programmer of an Android mobile game (unreleased when venture had ended). Also co-game designer.

Unity Developer/Technical Artist, Visual Estate
  • Scene building for VR archviz applications:

    • Modeling apartments and offices from plans in Cinema4D.​

    • Modeling, importing and optimizing 3D assets.

    • Setting up lighting, materials and GI.

    • Reconstructing scenes from render pictures.

  • Tool building for internal development.

  • Runtime tools development for automatic product.

  • GitHub janitor.

2017 - current
  • Developing in Unity since 2012 (C#). Scripting for and not limited to:

    • Procedural mesh generation.​

    • Analytics tools, read/write JSON.

    • uGUI & particles.

    • Character controllers, Mecanim and legacy animation controllers (2D & 3D).

    • Editor plugings, asset bundle pipeline.

  • Work experience with 3D modelling software: Cinema4D, Maya 2014 + mudbox

  • Experience in Unreal Engine 4 / Unreal Development Kit.

  • Some experience with Android Studio and XCode.

  • Experience with photo editing software: Photoshop + Illustrator, GIMP

  • Experience with Audacity.

Game Engines and other tools